Заявление о доступности

This site was adapted to the requirements of AA level and complies with the W.C.A.G 2 standard.
Site accessibility has been tested and adapted to all major browsers on the market: Google Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Explorer 9+, and Edge.

If you encounter any problem with the navigation, the coloring, or any other site function, please contact us using the form below.
Please try to describe the problem in the most detailed way you can.
Here's a guide list that may help us find the problem:

Accessibility usage:
Accessibility functions can be activated through the accessibility menu located at the top of the page:

Accessibility menu:
The accessibility menu is shown when clicking on the ״״ button or by using the CTRL + h shortcut on your keyboard. Accessibility aids include: font resizing, contrast color change, and a link to this accessibility statement.

Keyboard navigation:
Next link: TAB shortcut.
Prevoius link: SHIFT + TAB shortcut.
Use the ENTER key to navigate to the selected link.

On the events pages:
You can navigate between the different seats in the marked venues using the arrow keys on the keyboard or using the TAB key for the next seat and SHIFT + TAB for the previous seat.
Using the arrows keys will skip over occupied seats and select available seats only.
Using the TAB keys will switch between all the seat links.
To select the seat and purchase the ticket press the ENTER key.
Once finished press CTRL + ENTER (Control and ENTER keys) or CTRL + down arrow to navigate to the "add to cart" button.

On pages with a calendar:
You can navigate between days and months by using arrows. To select the desired day press ENTER.

Contrast change:
The contrast of the page can be changed by clicking on one of the contrast mode buttons:

The ״״ button turns off the accessibility mode and returns the website theme to its normal state.

Font size change:
Changing the font size can be changed by clicking on each of the "A" buttons on the accessibility menu.

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